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Polish Glass Websites

Polish Glass Websites

prepared for www.glassmessages.com by Cathy B. from Australia
published with kind persmisson

Art glass and higher end household glass:

Krosno - needs no intro http://www.krosno.com.pl/en/
Fistek Glass - some bowls on multiple freeform stems a bit like Jozefina http://www.fistekglass.com.pl/indexa.htm
Sabina - weights, sculpture by Rafal Rysz and Henryk Rysz http://www.sabinaglass.com.pl/indexen.html
Wrzesniak Glassworks - handblown vases in various colours http://www.glassworks.pl/indexen.php?action=homeen
Jozefina - very successful company, decorative homewares.  http://www.jozefina.pl/
Justyna - large catalogue, bold colours and some with a crackle effect http://www.huta-justyna.com.pl/html/indexen.php
Marta 2 - homewares, glasses, vases, florists vases http://www.marta2.pl/en/index.html
Makora - another huge company, similar style to Jozefina http://www.makora.com

Cut Crystal:
Irena - very nice crystal and soda glass http://www.huta-irena.com.pl/english/index.html
Violetta - designer cut glass http://www.violetta.com.pl/indexe.html
Zawiercie - High quality cut crystal, nice online catalogue http://www.hsg.pl/en/index.php?id=10

Lower end and plainer household glass:
Stölzle-Oberglas - Two companies still around, now joined and with a branch in Poland! Plain clear pressed glass vases, glasses and decanters, and perfume bottles. http://www.stoelzle.pl/
Berta Glassworks - clear glass glasses and vases http://www.berta.net.pl/start.php?ID=firma&L=us
Gracja - budget clear glass homewares, spray colour http://www.gracja.com.pl/english/oferta.htm
Kama - plainish vases and glasses, some wrythern http://www.huta-irena.com.pl/english/index.html
Rozalia - clear glass homewares http://rozalia.com.pl/products (includes fine handkerchief-style vases)
Gloss - small firm with a hand blown and machine line. http://www.huta.gloss.pl/news_view.php?tpl=281&nid=48710
Slawa - lanterns and jars http://www.slawa.com.pl/
Crystallite - Pressed glass tableware including those all important herring dishes http://www.crystallite.com.pl/page.htm

Bottles/bottle decoration
Euverlux - alcohol and beer bottle decoration http://www.euroverlux.com.pl/english/index3.html

Christmas Decorations
Northstar - glass Christmas decorations, balls and figures http://www.northstar.com.pl/en/index.php
Polskie Szklo - Christmas decorations http://www.polskieszklo.pl/
Robo - Christmas decorations http://robo.com.pl/info_pages.php?pages_id=13&language=en
Silverado - Christmas decorations http://www.silverado.com.pl/site.php?lang=en
Szklo Dekor - Christmas decorations and lamps. (You might want to turn off the music). http://www.szklo-dekor.com/index2.html
Dagmara - Glass Christmas decorations. (Warning, flash heavy site with piano music) http://www.dagmara.pl/en/index.html
Glaspol - Glass Christmas decorations http://www.glaspol.com.pl/index.php?lang1=en
Zwoch - Xmas dekkas http://www.zwoch.com.pl/English/english.htm

Lab glass
Sow-Kor - mainly laboratory glass, some decorative http://www.sowkor.republika.pl/